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Glenn Winters' book THE OPERA ZOO: SINGERS, COMPOSERS AND OTHER PRIMATES is availble from Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.  Described by the author as "what you might expect if Woody Allen, Dave Barry and Garrison Keillor all collaborated on a book about opera", THE OPERA ZOO combines an opera professional's insight and expertise with a breezy, humorous style and just a pinch of irreverence.

The reader will find witty essays and laugh-out-loud spoofs of opera plots, as well as essays about Virginia Opera's productions during the 2011-2012 seasons: Verdi's Rigoletto, Mozart's Così fan tutte, Wagner's The Valkyrie and Puccini's Madama Butterfly. 

And finally, Glenn includes a fascinating journal he kept in July, 2010 as a guest artist at the Operafestival di Roma in Rome, Italy.  Readers will be taken behind the scenes of an international opera festival to see how a production of Johann Strauss Jr.'s classic operetta Die Fledermaus is put together.  In addition, you'll be given an insider's view of the beautiful city of Rome, with Glenn's impressions of the sights, the people, the food, and of course, the gelato!

Here's what reviewers have had to say about THE OPERA ZOO:
"This book sets out to do the near impossible: cater to both the opera lover and the newbie. While students and professional singers alike will be instantly comfortable with the tone and familiarity of the material, Winters has also managed to let the non-singers in on what is something of a great mystery to many laypeople: mainly that opera singers are not only living, breathing things, separate from park-and-bark relics and the occasional beloved Bugs Bunny cartoon, but, they have a sense of humor! This debut book is definitely a delightful and more than worthwhile addition to your library.
-Sarah Heisler, Operagasm.com

"Winters has had extensive experience singing, directing and operating professionally amid the circus of egos that is auditory show biz. He has the chops to make fun of a revered medium at the same time he celebrates it."
--Bill Ruehlmann, Virginia Pilot

To order your copy, click the link above or call Kendall Hunt's customer service line at 1-800-344-9034, ext. 3020.


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